Friday, April 2, 2010

april 2-2010

A storm is-a-brewing me mateys, well better said it be already upon us poor folk. The wind is around 25 mph now and as I write this the tree in front my window is dancing a merry tune to Beaufort music. I have to admit, I like stormy weather, I walked to the bank with Blue the Dane and we got a nice embrace of wind, the higher trees are groaning that " I'm gonna fall over" sound and with all the rain we might just get a few. The roof that I am going to use for the new greenhouse needed to be fastened extra, that is when I noticed the loose gutter..sighn...never truely a dull moment here. So up the roof I go and fixed it with a few nails..can he fix it...hell yeah!

I started a new painting today as well. I build the canvas earlier this week, primed it yesterday, it had all night to dry, so I took some pictures, it is for a new video, and started drawing on the face. Even though I know...a painting needs to be done with paint and a drawing with pencil, yet I like to draw the details in and get an early peak at the feeling of the painting. Now I know that after an hour or so, everything is where it needs to be and the face looks like a face too. It's a 3 quarter portrait of Patti Smith. If you reacted by "Who?" go Google it and shame upon thee!

The new woodcarving is coming along as well, I shipped at it some more, the arms are going to be a pain, but it will be worth it.
Soon a trip to the paintstore for some colors and I will get things cooling like a BBQ in Hell.

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