Friday, April 30, 2010

April 30th

So the coast in the golf of Mexico is covert in oil, birds are dying, fishermen are out of jobs and clam beds are dead.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

things be getting done!

My wooden Alien is done and painted, I did take some pictures and I'll post them soon. Patti Smith is done to, added more shade and grey tones to make it look better. I'm pleased with that one, as soon as I get the frame around it I'll post some pictures. The weather is going to clear up soon so I can take them out side for the best result.

This morning ( april 21) I started the sketches and value drawings for the next big painting, the Henry Rollins. He's going to be a pain,a lot of shadow play. But it will look great when done.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

new things and updates

Nooo it is not done yet..the Patti Smith portrait, yet is close though. I am pretty happy how it came out. Yesterday we had a day with 80 degree weather so I used the yard to prime another large (3 by 3 feet) canvas so when this one is done I can move to the next one which will be wicked ass Henry Rollins one! I am so looking forward to starting that one.

I sanded down the wooden smiling creature I have been carving over the last two weeks, he be ready for paint now. He's going to be blue and green with yellow, should look good.

Slowly my You-Tube channel is getting filled and the amount of subscribers is climbing lol....13 hahaha oh yeah mister world freaking famous artist here man!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The death of an Icon

Peter Steele, the front man of my favorite band ever has died today at 48. They are at this point calling it a heart faillure, but this will be not just his death but the death of a great band, era and more. His dark humor and great lyrics made him very fast a steady rock within my shacky world. His music, played by his great band members pulled me trough many dark times, alas i never got the change to tell him that.

Rest now then my friend, you will be missed.

......and a rant was born..

Shall I start with the rant?..sure why not..ok buckle up then.

I hate modern art...there it is out..he sighs deep an wipes sweat from his brow. Before you art lovers start lighting the pyre let me explane. Before all, let me make one thing clear, this is not written out of spite, not am I jalouse.

I just watched a 30 minute documentory of a Australian "artist" who paints his friends while they are on the brink of death from alcohol. Nice friend indeed if you know he does not pay them after he sells the painting, better yet one of his friends, whom by now ride high on his high, took out a home loan to pay for HIS freaking face painted on a canvas the size of a mini van.

Every few minutes he stands with this wrinkled old hag just crawling up his ass to please not be left out from his 15 minutes of shame, because she has no talent her self but is a feminist so for freaks sake she knows what she is talking about when she talkes about HIS feelings behind a painting.
All in all the whole thing left a taste in my mouth as i was to french kiss a badger...I know many artists who deserve the gallery space way more then this drunk guy does. True art takes work, practice to get better and talent. No matter what modern artists may say, blobbing paint around is NOT art, dripping paint is NOT art, crapping on a canvas and rolling over it be not art my friend just dirty. I hate seeing modern artists looking at people who don't GET there work...what is the hell is there to get? it's a blob..a blob!!! Oh but color field is true art..bite me modern artist! it is not, it is form of frustration of not being able to draw or paint, or to put in the many hours of work that it takes to learn to draw and paint well. They hide there short comings with a terrible thing...ART TALK...the talk of art. The bitter words of..This is what is is..hmm ok looks like a series of colorfull sneezings of the crayola isle the mr pollock. But I felt like this when i painted this...who cares your drippings are just that drippings that are surrounded by crayon lines. Animals at the zoo do that.

Where they get a million per piece they "worked" om for about 15 minutes spitting paint, walking over it, dripping, blobbing and looking art full serieus. Bogus beyond means that real artists who do know how to make a true piece of art never get to see the light of day, the gallery whores are to busy buying overly priced crap. Watch the movie "my child can paint that" and see what i mean.

funnt is it not that al young wonders of the art world make modern art?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

new things coming up

There's a few new things coming up in the next few weeks. More videos, I am going to create a painting on my Ustream channel every week, from start to bottom. Every week I'll be picking a new theme or style, like pop art, portrait, characature, cartoon, Giger style, horror themed, high fantasy themed, things like that. The great thing about Ustream is you get to ask me questions and I'll be able to answer your right then...great thing that insta chat.

I have been working on creating a newsletter, letting you know what's up at Moonlight Creations Studios, admit it, you always wanted that. There will be several goodies in there to, surprises!

Now some updates...The Johnny Cash portrait drawing is done, pictures soon. Patti is almost done to, I've added more undertones and just need to add the true shadows on that. It works really good creating the value first with grey's. I'll make a video about that soon as well,

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April update..7th//or something around there

Freddy Kruger
Edward Norton

Those are two new pieces I made. Freddy was a pain the butt with all the vains and different colors.

Things are getting along with different projects. Patti Smith is almost ready to get shaded and The roughness of the canvas is prooving not to be a problem after sanding it slightly, I do need to re-stretch it a bit at te end but I taught as much, the heavynes of the gesso made the canvas looser then I wanted, but that is why I left room for more staples.Things will be ok. In a few day's I'll be working on that one again. I also decided what is going on the really big canvas I made ( 3 by 3 feet). I've found a great photo of Henry Rollins, I wanted to paint him for a long time but could never find the right shot, now I did. Can't wait, I do how ever make an extra support on my easel, the new canvas is to big hahaha. If I sit down I come like half way up to it, so I need to lower my easel a bit. No problem.

Check out my you-tube channel to see the start of the Patti Smith painting:

Friday, April 2, 2010

april 2-2010

A storm is-a-brewing me mateys, well better said it be already upon us poor folk. The wind is around 25 mph now and as I write this the tree in front my window is dancing a merry tune to Beaufort music. I have to admit, I like stormy weather, I walked to the bank with Blue the Dane and we got a nice embrace of wind, the higher trees are groaning that " I'm gonna fall over" sound and with all the rain we might just get a few. The roof that I am going to use for the new greenhouse needed to be fastened extra, that is when I noticed the loose gutter..sighn...never truely a dull moment here. So up the roof I go and fixed it with a few nails..can he fix it...hell yeah!

I started a new painting today as well. I build the canvas earlier this week, primed it yesterday, it had all night to dry, so I took some pictures, it is for a new video, and started drawing on the face. Even though I know...a painting needs to be done with paint and a drawing with pencil, yet I like to draw the details in and get an early peak at the feeling of the painting. Now I know that after an hour or so, everything is where it needs to be and the face looks like a face too. It's a 3 quarter portrait of Patti Smith. If you reacted by "Who?" go Google it and shame upon thee!

The new woodcarving is coming along as well, I shipped at it some more, the arms are going to be a pain, but it will be worth it.
Soon a trip to the paintstore for some colors and I will get things cooling like a BBQ in Hell.