Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April update..7th//or something around there

Freddy Kruger
Edward Norton

Those are two new pieces I made. Freddy was a pain the butt with all the vains and different colors.

Things are getting along with different projects. Patti Smith is almost ready to get shaded and The roughness of the canvas is prooving not to be a problem after sanding it slightly, I do need to re-stretch it a bit at te end but I taught as much, the heavynes of the gesso made the canvas looser then I wanted, but that is why I left room for more staples.Things will be ok. In a few day's I'll be working on that one again. I also decided what is going on the really big canvas I made ( 3 by 3 feet). I've found a great photo of Henry Rollins, I wanted to paint him for a long time but could never find the right shot, now I did. Can't wait, I do how ever make an extra support on my easel, the new canvas is to big hahaha. If I sit down I come like half way up to it, so I need to lower my easel a bit. No problem.

Check out my you-tube channel to see the start of the Patti Smith painting:

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