Wednesday, March 31, 2010

As an artist we need to create to live, there is no other way. Creation costs money, be it paints or pencils or even the paper to write a poem on.

I have bought pre streched canvases for years and because of that I had to calculate that into my price when I sell the piece. A while ago I started looking at a cheaper way to do this, I wanted bigger pieces and odd ball shapes, like triangles, or sizes to fit in a nook somewhere.

At my hardware store, I get my paints there, I spotted a canvas dropcloth for 9 dollars, its 6 by 9 feet and kind of rough. I bought that and 7 2 by 1's as well which where 8 feet long.
That and some screws i had made me 4 nice large canvases, the largest being 3 by 3 feet.

Just Gesso the end result and sand it down a bit to get the roughness down and there just fine!, for 16 dollars I got 4 large canvases, that and paints from the mis matched isle, you can be a very productive artist and not be broke!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

What does Jay do all day you ask your self..well many things would be the answer I would give you!

"Like what?" you ask..ok here we go.

I get my daughter to school in the morning, after I walk the dog. When I get home, my wife and I drink coffee and things go from there. There are several things I tend to do then, checking my e-mail is the first. Most times that will change a day's plan, work needs to get shuffled around then.
But then the fun starts, paint and pencils come out and I get to work. I work on several pieces at the same time, when one dries you do not have to wait...

Portraits are a large part of my portfolio so I have always at least on that I'm working on. During the day I tape some of the work I do, this gets posted on my You Tube account:

When I am not recording it, I broadcast here:

This way you all get to see what I'm doing and through the ustream you can talk to me to!