Thursday, March 25, 2010

What does Jay do all day you ask your self..well many things would be the answer I would give you!

"Like what?" you ask..ok here we go.

I get my daughter to school in the morning, after I walk the dog. When I get home, my wife and I drink coffee and things go from there. There are several things I tend to do then, checking my e-mail is the first. Most times that will change a day's plan, work needs to get shuffled around then.
But then the fun starts, paint and pencils come out and I get to work. I work on several pieces at the same time, when one dries you do not have to wait...

Portraits are a large part of my portfolio so I have always at least on that I'm working on. During the day I tape some of the work I do, this gets posted on my You Tube account:

When I am not recording it, I broadcast here:

This way you all get to see what I'm doing and through the ustream you can talk to me to!

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