Sunday, April 11, 2010

new things coming up

There's a few new things coming up in the next few weeks. More videos, I am going to create a painting on my Ustream channel every week, from start to bottom. Every week I'll be picking a new theme or style, like pop art, portrait, characature, cartoon, Giger style, horror themed, high fantasy themed, things like that. The great thing about Ustream is you get to ask me questions and I'll be able to answer your right then...great thing that insta chat.

I have been working on creating a newsletter, letting you know what's up at Moonlight Creations Studios, admit it, you always wanted that. There will be several goodies in there to, surprises!

Now some updates...The Johnny Cash portrait drawing is done, pictures soon. Patti is almost done to, I've added more undertones and just need to add the true shadows on that. It works really good creating the value first with grey's. I'll make a video about that soon as well,

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