Thursday, April 15, 2010

......and a rant was born..

Shall I start with the rant?..sure why not..ok buckle up then.

I hate modern art...there it is out..he sighs deep an wipes sweat from his brow. Before you art lovers start lighting the pyre let me explane. Before all, let me make one thing clear, this is not written out of spite, not am I jalouse.

I just watched a 30 minute documentory of a Australian "artist" who paints his friends while they are on the brink of death from alcohol. Nice friend indeed if you know he does not pay them after he sells the painting, better yet one of his friends, whom by now ride high on his high, took out a home loan to pay for HIS freaking face painted on a canvas the size of a mini van.

Every few minutes he stands with this wrinkled old hag just crawling up his ass to please not be left out from his 15 minutes of shame, because she has no talent her self but is a feminist so for freaks sake she knows what she is talking about when she talkes about HIS feelings behind a painting.
All in all the whole thing left a taste in my mouth as i was to french kiss a badger...I know many artists who deserve the gallery space way more then this drunk guy does. True art takes work, practice to get better and talent. No matter what modern artists may say, blobbing paint around is NOT art, dripping paint is NOT art, crapping on a canvas and rolling over it be not art my friend just dirty. I hate seeing modern artists looking at people who don't GET there work...what is the hell is there to get? it's a blob..a blob!!! Oh but color field is true art..bite me modern artist! it is not, it is form of frustration of not being able to draw or paint, or to put in the many hours of work that it takes to learn to draw and paint well. They hide there short comings with a terrible thing...ART TALK...the talk of art. The bitter words of..This is what is is..hmm ok looks like a series of colorfull sneezings of the crayola isle the mr pollock. But I felt like this when i painted this...who cares your drippings are just that drippings that are surrounded by crayon lines. Animals at the zoo do that.

Where they get a million per piece they "worked" om for about 15 minutes spitting paint, walking over it, dripping, blobbing and looking art full serieus. Bogus beyond means that real artists who do know how to make a true piece of art never get to see the light of day, the gallery whores are to busy buying overly priced crap. Watch the movie "my child can paint that" and see what i mean.

funnt is it not that al young wonders of the art world make modern art?

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