Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the theory of creativity

Look down your legs..go on,I'll wait for a second.

nom nanom nom nanom,ok?.cool.
You see them flat,stinky things with little wrigley thangs down there? Them be feet,now what we are looking for are those little things down there you can move and sometimes are piggy's how go to market,toes. Deep down there weird things life and lay dorment until you need them,like names and answers to the most weirdest jeopardy questions and one more thing,creativity.

There a few different types of artist,most of them are either these,
-the hobby artist
-the semi pro artist
-the pro artist

think about it,you are 1 of them and all is fine.But all of us are creating,yet there is 1 major difference.As a full time artist I and with me a lot of others do not have the luxery to wait for our toes to give it,we need to wring it out there when we need it! And trust me the mood never strikes when the deadline is sneaking up on you like a homeless persone to a twinky!

But there are a few way to force the juices out of your toes and onto your canvas. What I mean is a mental block.

ok,enough ninja and homeless people jokes. A mental block sucks and can be hard to brake,I've had to climb them many times over the years and I have found a few ways to get further,with out drugs or alcohol.

Go walking, try finding a nice remote path and walk slow and try not to think about your project. Let your sences pick everything up,the woods are great to do this. Collect the smells and feelings. Wind is a great medium of getting rid of the codwebs.

This one needs guts and is for the city dwellers. Find a place with lots and lots of people! sit or lay down,close your eye's and soak the sounds and emotions of the people around you up. Replace your block with that.

read,read and read..try talking books while painting! there is a part of your brain listening to the book or music with no words!, and it helps to get things flowing.

Watch as little tv as you can,it does not stimulate the brain at all.

and draw,everyday a little.

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  1. I'm very much the hobby artist and I don't envy professional artists trying to create something as a deadline approaches. I've learned in my what.... almost 4 months of being an artist (still sounds weird) that the harder I try, the more it eludes me. If I just stop thinking about what I should do, pick up a pencil, or brush and make marks, lines, something, it all comes together.