Monday, August 23, 2010

emotions in art

Some things are old,others are older and then there are emotions.They rule us in many way's,sometimes for the best some for the worse. Not all are as good in controlling the emotions as others or as good into giving in to them when needed. Artists have always been subjected to emotions then most of the other people in your life. We have been using them to feed the muse within as long since the first time someone took up a brush,hammer or rythem stick.

Over the years I have created countless pieces or art ranging from sculptures to large paintings. Once in while,as most artists will do I dig out older works or better yet my written journals and look at my artistic past. If you never look back the future will be a dark haze,yet reading your past through your ideas and writings and arts are a great way to see your future. And after all that is where you want to be. But as I lay out my works and read entrees I see a theme emerging, emotions dictate my work.
Not shocked but suprissed I read my ideas through from a year ago, I am not a planner,they fall apart faster then I can make them,but I see that I do make plans when ruled more heavely by darker set emotions. Then I tend to work more on my own art,not so much commissions. Art is therapy after all.

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