Thursday, September 16, 2010

I do believe there is free speech

SEATTLE - A Seattle cartoonist is disappearing from view after
one of her drawings sparked an international controversy.

The Seattle Weekly reports that Molly Norris is changing her name
and wiping away her identity on the advice of the FBI.

Last may Norris posted a cartoon on her blog called "Everybody
Draw Muhammed Day" in response to what some considered censoring
of the TV show South Park.

The swell of support for her cartoon on Facebook prompted
Pakistan to pull the social networking site off line for awhile.


So once more a person using her freaking right,which is preserved within the basics of living in America, has to run and hide.I do believe in freedom of speech,very much so, as a artist that is out soapbox,our muse,our right to use,yet not to abuse it. So when does one abuse the right of free speech? This differs for everyone, we all believe in different things that shape us,religion, upbringing,nature and nurture but I hope as a race of mostly hairless bi-peds we can agree thast drawing a cartoon should not now nor ever be a reason to change your name and hide!

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