Friday, June 4, 2010

Dream big!

Dream big

Everyone dreams, be it big or small. Some of us follow those dreams, more of us alas don’t. I understand both of those people, for the first takes guts and sacrifice and determination amongst other things, the later though is safe and if you’r secure in what and wehere you are it is hard to throw caution to the wind. Best dreams are had when your young I think, at that point you can still follow them with leaving to much behind. Now that we are all grown up and have lives and are fastened in place by the things we love and treasure, dreams change, at least they did for me.

I am a lucky guy though, even though I worked my self to death to get where I am and to do the things I wanted to do in between. Work and school were at that point my life, I worked to travel and while I traveled I worked. This way I saw most of this planet and I carry the momentums on my body. Now things are way different, I own a few degree, art, history and herpetology, I have a family and bills. I love my life but dreams are ever there to all of us and I am no exeption. But they have changed, I wish to show my daughter the good things in live and the beatifull places I’ve been, the people I’ve met and the hings I’ve done. Teach her that the best things in life are the smallest things that, and I have come to believe, only artist see. The colors on flowers, shapes of clouds, sounds of animals, hidden things in objects just wanting to be released by us artists. That is what I dream of, and more.

But my point of this subject is different then those dreams, there about the ones that you have more then ones, the ones that wake you up and make you want to get up and do. But you also know are either completely out of your reach or you know are an up hill battle to get there. And when you do, would have it been worth the price for every dreams demands one. So what do we do with those dreams? I have spend many afternoon in the shade of a tree or a star filled night thinking about that and I think I know what would and have worked for me. Scale. If your dream is a big one! Scale it down so the essence is still there and enjoy the trip to that center. For me the very first one was sculpture. I am a big man and with that I dream big. Now what would be the trouble there you would wonder. Space for one and the biggest one that has axed my dreams and ideas more then anything else money. I have tons of great ideas and things I would love to make and know deep inside and with no shame I would do great at, but the lack of funds is ever there so here comes my idea of scale in to play.

My sculpture that I am tinkering with now is a way smaller idea of what the original should be, never give up hope of for filling your dreams. I love kinetic sculptures and so I am building one. There’s a few different ones I want, so I am building three at this moment, all small and made out of materials I can afford and on a scale I can either sell them with out destroying my home to get them through the door, yes working in the north west means working inside most days and that means think about the size of your door!.

So the smaller and cheaper, that, to me, does not mean the dream of seeing it come to gether or even work is less. Better yet there is a great sense of pride seeing it move or when two things come together and “click”. Just because there not at the size you dreamed it of, makes it not less. I look at it as a sketch as well, this way if I ever meet some one with more money then me, like a homeless guy lol, then I know which pitfalls to avoid and I have a template, a working model to work from! So do not put your dreams a side because your rational mind thinks they are to big.

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